Firaxis Reveals A 'Haunted Hollow' Coming To iOS This Spring

Firaxis Games, the team behind the Civilization franchise and last year's "XCOM: Enemy Unknown," today revealed "Haunted Hollow," a competitive free-to-play strategy game that's bringing the scares to iOS devices this spring.

"Haunted Hollow" sees players ruling over a mysterious haunted mansion as they create spooky creatures who can be sent into town to compete with rivals to capture townhouses, battle enemies and avoid angry mobs of townsfolk. Players will be able to challenge their friends through Game Center and Pass & Play local multiplayer, or just stick to single-player matches.

Monsters featured in the game include horror classics such as vampires, werewolves, mummies, witches and reapers, who all appear in a family-friendly cartoon style. The mansion you put together can draw from a variety of themes, including haunted house architecture styles like Lost Temple and Mad Scientist.

I'm frightened already.

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