Going 'Beyond' With Quantic Dream [Screenshot Gallery]


This week, Sony flew out several media outlets to Paris for some time with David Cage and his new piece of interactive fiction, "Beyond: Two Souls." Developer Quantic Dream's "Heavy Rain"/"Indigo Prophecy successor certainly has some fascinating tech going for it, with extensive performance capture (a year's worth, by the developer's estimation), and a (mostly) UI-free experience that Quantic Dream hopes will immerse you in heroine Jodie's (Ellen Page) 15-year supernatural journey alongside her invisible but very present friend, Aiden.

We'll have extensive notes from Cage's presentation, our hands-on impressions of guiding Ellen Page through a burning building, plus you'll be able to find out why this studio--so heavily influenced by film--has no filmmaking ambitions for itself. In the meantime, enjoy a batch of new screenshots after the jump.











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