PSA: Save a Tenner on “Persona 4: Golden” for the Next Two Weeks

by Joseph Leray

Persona 4

Much to my dismay, I’ve never actually played “Persona 4,” even though “Persona 3” is hands-down one of my favorite Japanese-style role-playing games ever.

I love the way “Persona 3”’s story and mechanics are intertwined, the way its Social Links crept into and informed my nightly dungeon crawling. Hoping that “Persona 4” would fill the void of its predecessor, I actually bought it a few years ago, with every intention of solving the grisly murders plaguing the sleepy town of Inaba.

Unfortunately, while living in the seedier part of town, my house was broken into and all of my PlayStation 2 games -- among other things -- were stolen. Time moved on, some life happened, and I never made it back to “Persona 4.”

Well, now I really don’t much of an excuse any more: Atlus have dropped the price of “Persona 4: Golden” to $29.99, a $10 savings on the standard $40 price tag.

“Golden” is an enhanced PS Vita and PlayStation Network port of the original PlayStation 2 game from 2008. It adds a raft of new features to “Persona 4,” including a new character, Marie; extra Social Links; more usesable, fuseable personae; extra dialogue and cutscenes; and extra player outfits. Most tantalizingly, “Persona 4: Golden” takes advantage of the PS Vita’s online capabilities to create a sort of multiplayer help system: if you get stuck in a dungeon or battle, you can ask other players to give you a hand.

If your fancy is tickled, the special discount lasts for two weeks and applies to both the Vita and PSN versions of the game. You can buy "Persona 4: Golden" on your preferred platform here.

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