The Behemoth Trailers and Dates Upcoming Multiplayer Romp ‘Battleblock Theater’

by Joseph Leray

After what seems like years of complete radio silence, The Behemoth have been on a hype-blitz for “Battleblock Theater,” detailing its modes, its closed beta, its PAX East tournament, and its built-in level editor. As of yesterday, and thanks to this spiffy trailer, “Battleblock Theater” (finally) has a hard release date: the arena-based multiplayer action-platformer will be available on Xbox Live Arcade on April 3, for 1600 Microsoft points.

Normally, release dates aren’t a particularly big deal: a developer announces a new game, and it comes out a year later, give or take. If it’s a big game, you can expect it in October, November, or March. But “Battleblock Theater” has been in development for so long, it almost seems like an elaborate practical joke, like someone moved April Fool’s Day back two days this year.

Battleblock Theater

The Behemoth’s previous effort, “Castle Crashers,” came out my senior year of college. I was living with five other young gentlemen in a two-story suite, and we must have all played through the game a half-dozen times, slicing, burning, and freezing our way through enemy knights and saracens alike. Given what we know about “Battleblock”’s various multiplayer modes, I’m guessing a new crop of delinquent undergrads will have a similar experience.

Anyway, mark your calendars: “Battleblock Theater,” April 3. Two pointy-headed animated moppets go in, one comes out.

[The Behemoth]

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