‘Katamari’ Creator Teases ‘Tenya Wanya Teens,’ a Multiplayer Party Game About Adolescence

By Joseph Leray


Last month, “Katamari Damacy” and “Noby Noby Boy” creator Keita Takahashi teased that his next game would be developed in conjunction with the Wild Rumpus -- a British group devoted to hosting events and tournaments for indie multiplayer games -- and debuted at GDC.

The Game Developers Conference isn’t until next week, but a few juicy morsels on the mystery game are available. For one, it’s called “Tenya Wanya Teens,” and it’s about growing up. “It’s a game about trying desperately to not say or do the wrong thing at the wrong time — that universal struggle to maintain the façade of normality during the awkward transition from child- to adulthood,” reads the game’s description on Venus Patrol.

It’s a two-player party game, apparently, that calls for specialized, custom-made 16-button gamepads.

The concept art for “Tenya Wanya Teens” is bright and cartoony and seems like perfect fit for a Wild Rumpus event. (I’ve never been to one, but I understand that they generally involve a lot of experimental multiplayer games and cans of Pabst.) Unfortunately, bespoke controllers are the kinds of hurdles that keep neato games out of my living room -- who’s going to publish or distribute something like that?

Still, Uvula -- that’s the company run by Takahashi and his wife, composer Asuka Sakai -- are exploring the possibility of some sort of official release, according to Venus Patrol, though those plans won’t be tackled until after GDC.

[Venus Patrol]

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