Jimmy Fallon and Selena Gomez Cover 'Mario Kart Love Song'

It's unsurprising that Jimmy Fallon has won over gamers with his Late Night antics. He's earned his fair share of gamer cred with segments covering everything from the PS4 and "Killzone: Shadow Fall" to "Uncharted 3." The video above showcases a soulful duet with Selena Gomez covering Sam Hart's romantic tune.


It's funny how a somewhat goony tune can come off so earnest. Ms. Gomez matches Jimmy perfectly with a dusky voice against his loose tenor. It's not far shot from his stint on Saturday Night Live when he used to break out the guitar for short, silly song parodies of popular songs. What really seals it for me is that they genuinely seem to be having fun, even dressing for the role complete with Mario mustachios and headgear! It's a quick watch so just sit back and enjoy.

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