Apparently, the Computers in ‘Soul Hackers’ Are Shaped like Guns

By Joseph Leray

Atlus did their best to release a new gameplay trailer for “Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers” today, leading up to the game’s impending release in April. It’s hard to gussy up a complex series of menus for an action-packed trailer, but Atlus it’s a valiant effort: “Megami Tensei” devotees already know that they’re in for a fair bit of cyberpunk dungeon-crawling, first-person turn-based combat, and complex demon fusion when they step into Amami City.

Previous trailers have already introduced the game’s premise, but here it is again: demons possess the citizens of Amami City, and a group of titular hackers need to stop them. To do that, you’ll have access to a Gun COMP and some savvy negotiation skills to lure the game’s cast of paranormal demons to your side of the struggle.

Atlus’ newer fans should probably know that “Soul Hackers” won’t feature any of “Persona 4”’s Social Links or dating sim mechanics -- it’s a little confusing, but “Devil Summoner” and “Persona” are two different series within the “Megami Tensei” umbrella. For the record, “Soul Hackers” is part of the “Devil Summoner” line of games, a sequel to the original, late ‘90s RPG for the Sega Saturn.

In fact, the upcoming 3DS port will be the first time “Soul Hackers” has ever made its way westward. For prosperity, the full title is “Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers” (say that five times fast), and it will be available on the 3DS on April 16, with a limited edition soundtrack in tow.

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