Get Equipped With These Custom Mega Man NES Controllers!


I'm at a crossroads here. On the one hand, these custom Mega Man themed controllers are pretty awesome and I feel I should share them with you. On the other hand, I want them for myself and for every new person that sees this post, is another potential threat against me owning these. At any rate, you and me and every other mega-fan have 5 days left to bid.


Video game peripheral modder, customnesguy as create a pair (sold separately) of refurbished NES controllers with a sleek new sticker overlay showing Mega Man and the eight robot masters from the third game.

From the EBAY description:

For auction is a one of a kind, completely custom MegaMan 3 NES Nintendo controller. It has been completely gone through, cleaned, contacts cleaned, and tested to work like new. The cord and plug are in excellent shape! The controller features a custom overlay (MegaMan 3 logo and robot masters), and it has been painted with automotive basecoat/clearcoat system for extreme durability and shine! Even the overlay has been clear coated!!


The other controller features a nice view of Dr. Wily's skull castle, patiently waiting for you to help the Blue Bomber demolish it. If you're lucky enough, or rich enough (both are nearing 50 dollars) to pick up the pair you might want to track down this Mega-modded NES!

Great, now I totally have Wood Man's theme stuck in my head...

Via EBAY 1, 2

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