‘Chains of Satinav’ Follow-up ‘Memoria’ Coming Later This Year

By Joseph Leray


Daedalic Entertainment announced today that they’re working “Memoria,” the studio’s sequel to last year’s “Chains of Satinav.”

If none of that sounds familiar, fear not! Daedalic are a German studio that specializes in point-and-click adventure games. “Chains of Satinav” and “Memoria” are based on a fantasy role-playing franchise called “The Dark Eye.”

“Memoria” picks up where it left off, following a young bird-catcher named Geron through a series of fantasy adventures. In “Memoria,” Geron agrees to track down a fabled warrior-princess who went missing 500 years prior; in exchange, a travelling salesman will agree to liberate Geron’s girlfriend, who’s been trapped in the body of a raven.

The Golden Age of adventure games may have died alongside LucasArts, but a robust ecosystem of indie designers and developers have been mining that soil pretty consistently over the years. I’ll admit to being less-than-familiar with “The Dark Eye” or Daedalic’s past work, but “Chains of Satinav” was well-received when it was released, and the first two screenshots of “Memoria” evidence, at the very least, a colorful and detailed aesthetic.


“Memoria” apparently builds on the events of “Chains of Satinav,” but players unfamiliar with the series shouldn’t have a problem jumping into the story of Geron and Sadja. The game will be available later this year on PC, with a full English localization in tow.

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