Tidbits: Square Enix Reveals World-Wide ‘Tomb Raider’ Stats

By Joseph Leray


Here’s a confession: I think stats about videogames are really interesting.

I like knowing, for example, that “over half” of the people that played “Gears of War 3” never played the first one (which is why the upcoming “Judgment” includes a free code for the original “Gears”). More people played as soldiers in “Mass Effect 2” than all other classes combined, and Engineer was the least-used class. Only 16% of “Borderlands 2” players have hit level 50.

It’s kind of weird that I know all that off the top of my head, and it’s kind of weird to be an outlier at every turn: I’ve played “Gears of War,” I was a Vanguard in all three “Mass Effect” games, and I have two maxed out characters in “Borderlands 2.” Don’t worry, these facts and figures are a hit at cocktail parties.

Square Enix recently released some “Tomb Raider” stats of their own. You might be interested to know that our collective Lara Crofts have killed over 5.2 million deer so far, or dodged 11, 067, 764 enemy attacks in the recently released reboot. You all have killed 147, 675, 058 enemies with arrows, 20 million of which were set on fire first. A more detailed breakdown of players’ habits can be found on Square Enix’ blog.

All in all, over three million tombs have been eponymously raided since the game hit store shelves earlier this month. With a wave of positive reviews in tow and a set of new multiplayer maps in the pipeline, that number is sure to grow.

Happy hunting.

[Square Enix via Joystiq]