First 'Donkey Kong,' Now 'The Legend of Zelda' Gets Gender-Swapped

Apparently not satisfied with Pauline getting to be the heroine in "Donkey Kong," professional animator Kenna W. decided to let perpetually imperiled princess Zelda be the legendary one in a mod to the original NES game.

Kotaku pointed out this video for Kenna W.'s mod, which took Kenna W. three days to complete, replacing Link's sprite with Zelda's (and vice versa) while also editing the intro and closing text to reflect who the real hero(ine) is in the game.

Over on her blog, Kenna W. explains her motivations for the mod, saying that she was inspired, in part, by Anita Sarkeesian's first Tropes vs. Women Games video, starting her project, apparently, before a dad's mod of "Donkey Kong" allowed his kid to play as Pauline. The real story here in both cases is that if the game industry won't become more representative of its ever-expanding audience, the audience will (slowly but surely) start making games more representative themselves.

Due to copyright restrictions (Nintendo does own "The Legenda of Zelda," after all and wants to keep selling it on the legit), Kenna isn't making a ROM available, instead issuing a patch here and applying it to your own legitimately-acquired ROM.

[Source: Zelda Starring Zelda: The Story via Kotaku]

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