'Secret Ponchos' Trailer Reveals The Top-Down Arena Wild West Shooter You Never Knew You Wanted

This stylized online shooter is from the team at developer Switchblade Monkeys who will be showing "Secret Ponchos" during PAX East.

According to the developer, "Secret Ponchos"*--which could do with a name change--is being built as a competitive online shooter featuring team, free-for-all, and one-on-one play as you presumably try to blast your way to the top of the leaderboards. The game features at least five character types (only four have been revealed so far on the official page), outlaws who each wield their own primary and secondary weapons. I do have to say, I love the bio for The Killer, who lures in bounty hunters looking to bring him in just to take them out.

While the trailer originally had me thinking this might be some kind of Western-themed "Smash TV," I guess a multiplayer shooter will do, although based on the gameplay in the video, we're looking at three to four shot kills for each of the game's Outlaws. I'm digging the art style and the weapon combinations currently on display in the trailer, and the promise of the responsiveness of a fighter is intriguing to me, even if I'm curious as to how the developers will be able to prioritize the moves of so many players in-game versus the usual network gremlins.

The current batch of images for the game are taken from its pre-alpha build, but Switchblade Monkeys says gamers can look forward to "Secret Ponchos" on consoles sometime this year.

*So are they secretly wearing ponchos or are the ponchos hidden and secretive? That's a strange title, guys.

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