Dr. Awkward Raps About Power, Wisdom, And Courage On Zelda-Themed 'Boy Without A Fairy'


It's Friday, so why not listen to a dude rap about being link over Koji Kondo's "Legend of Zelda" scores?

"A Boy Without a Fairy" is the second full-length album from nerdcore rapper Dr. Awkward, a collection of words that once upon a time would have had me punching my monitor. But we're at a point now where the boys and girls making rap albums about their favorite video games are a little deeper than just giving a clunky shoutout to Boba Fett or whatever over a cheap beat.

Dr. Awkward went to the source, sampling the original "Ocarina of Time" score of longtime Nintendo composer Koji Kondo for the eight tracks in "A Boy Without a Fairy" to solid effect. His hyped-up flow mixed with the down-tempo Kondo score gives the whole thing the feel of something from the West Coast circa 1997-98 (think The Spooks), but with less of a kick-you-in-the-chest beat.

From the artist's bio:

Since 2009, Dr. Awkward has brought his unique twist to Hip-Hop which has garnered an ever-growing fanbase, and made him a staple at Hip-Hop shows and Comic/Game Conventions alike. Known for his video game samples and his psychological approach to video game music, Doc brings a unique dimension to the characters he explores.

The album is currently pay what you want via Bandcamp.

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