'Duke Nukem II' Headed To iOS Devices In April

Ready to get a bit nostalgic? Side-scrolling classic "Duke Nukem II" is heading to iOS devices courtesy of Interceptor Entertainment and 3D Realms. You can get a taste of things to come in the trailer posted above.

According to Polygon, the iOS version of Duke Nukem II will set you back $1.99 when it launches in April. The game features the same 32 levels seen in the original release with the addition of touchscreen controls. Environments and artwork have been updated, and the game has received a new soundtrack. Apparently, players will also be able to compete with others by tracking their scores through leaderboards.

For those of you not familiar with the classic, Duke Nukem II sees the title character escaping from alien captivity and blowing tons of stuff up to save the world from complete destruction. A specific release date has not been revealed.

For now the game is sticking to iOS devices, but Interceptor Entertainment is "strongly considering Android devices as well," according to a comment on their official YouTube page.

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