Super Powered 'Saints Row 4' Teaser Reveals August Release Date

From DLC expansion to full-on sequel, new publisher Deep Silver announces that "Saints Row 4" will up the car-surfing stakes on August 20 for consoles and Aug 23 for the PC.

The purple-clad Saints with superpowers? Some of this might seem familiar, I'll bet and it is: the Saints were to be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound last year as part of the cancelled "Enter the Dominatrix" DLC for the open world action game. However, back in June, then-new THQ boss Jason Rubin explained that the features from the VR-set "Enter the Dominatrix" would be folded into a full-fledged sequel. At the time, it was planned for a calender year 2013 release and what do you know, August is in calendar year 2013.

Rubin also described the game as "connected" last year: was there a planned co-op mode for "Saints Row 4" and did it make it into the game?

The tagline for the European trailer for the game declares it will take players from the crack house from the White House, with Volition likely doubling down on the Saints as a beloved American brand. What's interesting in the U.S. trailer is that "4" is being billed as the climactic chapter in the series--does Volition have an end in sight for the series?

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