Amazon Opens Retro Gaming Store


Looking for one of those old Sega Genesis AC adapters? Maybe you're on the hunt for a replacement battery for your Game Boy Advance SP. Either way, Amazon has always been a pretty good place to find classic gaming gear, and now they're making it a little easier with their new Retro Gaming Store.

Platforms in the store run from Intellivision all the way through the original Xbox. For the most part it's all of the same stuff you would have found floating around Amazon a few weeks ago, the main difference now being that everything is split up into proper categories making it a bit easier to find.

One thing you'll notice right away is that some items are still popping up in the wrong category – I found a lot of NES games under the Intellivision section – but hopefully Amazon gets it straightened out soon. It'll be nice to have a one-stop retro gaming shop a few clicks away.

While we're on the subject, where do you typically find your classic games and hardware?

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