New 'Bioshock Infinite' Trailer Reveals More Gameplay And Booker's First Plasmid Drink

Hey Booker, maybe "What's this... [swig]" isn't the best way to handle found bottles of random liquid. I mean, that's just bad policy.

The latest "Bioshock Infinite" trailer in advance of its March 26 release reveals more of the people trying to capture Elizabeth and kill Booker. Also: old-timey robots!

Hey, I really, really liked "Bioshock" and this burst of gameplay from "Infinite" just reminded me of that (it's been a few years, sue me). I'm digging some of the crowd control stuff with the flame Plasmids as well as the lanky, drunken way enemies move in Irrational's series.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to hanging with Elizabeth and Booker in Colombia in a couple of weeks (and bringing the whole thing down as the trailer demands).

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