Practice A Little Slice And Dice With The PS3-Exclusive 'Metal Gear Rising Revengeance' VR Missions

"Metal Gear Rising Revengeance" was a game with an odd learning curve based largely on Platinum Games' insistence on separating the tutorial out into a separate mode. It's a game I loved playing in spite of the fact that I had to take a break from the game to discover precisely how to play it in the VR Missions. Well, now PSN users can hone their skills with the free VR Missions pack, which is live now on PSN, with more DLC on the way next month.

Two additional updates to the game, the Jetstream and Blade Wolf DLC, will be available in April for both the Xbox 360 and PS3 for $6.99 (that's 560 MS Points). Jetstream will offer a side story featuring Sam as a playable character while Blade Wolf will allow you to play as the cybernetic hunter-killer canine.

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