Final 'Defiance' PC Beta, Console Beta Dates Revealed

Trion has revealed details on the third and final PC beta for "Defiance," which is tied to the upcoming Syfy series of the same name. In addition, dates for the upcoming PS3 and Xbox 360 betas have also been revealed.

According to the official site, the third PC beta will kick off on March 22nd at 8am PDT and run until March 24th at 9pm PDT. A few days before that, on March 19th, PlayStation 3 owners will gain access to the beta, which runs until March 25th at 9pm. Last but not least, the Xbox 360 Defiance beta will begin on March 25th at 8am PDT and continue until March 26th at 9pm PDT.

During the beta, players will will take on the role of Ark Hunters, completing co-op missions set in the Mt. Tam and Madera areas. The Freight Yard and Observatory maps will be available for competitive multiplayer matches, and all beta participants will get an in-game Dodge Challenger when Defiance is released in April.

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