'Skyrim' Dragonborn Statue Available for Pre-Order


From time to time, you'll have to drag your atrophied body from the couch and stop playing "Skyrim." Fortunately, you can still remain partially in the fantasy epic with a little piece of the game posed tastefully on your desk or mantel. Partnering with Gamingheads, this version of the Dovahkiin can be yours... for a price.

Modeled in high quality poly-stone, the statue stands at 16 inches and features swappable hands- one of which that glows with power as the magical Nord readies a fireball! The pictures show a right pretty creation of the promotional Dragonborn you've all seen in trailers and posters. Too bad, as I rocked an Argonian thief that really looks nothing like the default master of shouts. Still, if the pics are any indication of the final product, it'll sit right at home for any serious collector.

You'll have to act fast as this bad boy is limited to 500, but at $329.99 you'll need to start saving those Septims now, or, I guess start dumping points into sneaking and theiving. Pre-orders are open with a release date planned for the Q4 window of this year.




[Via Bethblog, Gamingheads]

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