Miyamoto Looks At The Future Of Gaming And What That Holds For 'Pikmin 3'

What does the future holds for video games? It's one of the most important questions of our time, so we asked one of gaming's greatest minds, Shigeru Miyamoto, and he thinks it's connectivity. "Evolving beyond being the experience that simply comes in the package, and becoming something that becomes more a part of lifestyle through connections to the network."

In a recent interview where Mr. Miyamoto also told us his thoughts on "Hyrule Historia," noted some of his favorite Famicom games, and spoke at length about Luigi, he gave us some insight into the thinking behind where some of Nintendo games are headed in the near future.

Clearly, one of the biggest things that Nintendo has on the horizon is "Pikmin 3," a game that has been in development for quite sometime now. Mr. Miyamoto told us how the team working on the game incorporating some experimental ideas into their upcoming Wii U release to make it more enjoyable than the original two releases in the series.

In an effort to look forward, we also wanted to look back in our chat with Mr. Miyamoto, and asked him if he still felt any kind of rivalry with the Rubik's Cube, and he had this to say,

Originally, I started off as an industrial designer, and the dream of all industrial designers is to create something that sort of amazes and surprises people. I ultimately chose the path of creating video games, but if I hadn't been creating video games, I think that and hope that I would be creating things that are similar to that. So, when I look at that as being something that perhaps I might have been able to create, but ultimately wasn’t able to because of the path that I chose, I have a tendency to look at the person that created that thing as a potential rival. So that's sort of where that thought came from.

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