'Zombie Break Room' Teases The Lighter Side Of The Living Dead In 'Black Ops II'

The six-episode web series "Zombie Break Room" from 6040 Productions and co-creators Patrick Carson and Chad Hawkins promises living dead office shenanigans and an "American Ninja."

It's the most recent "The Office"-spawned workplace comedy set in a video game world (see also: "Aperture R&D"), although "Zombie Break Room" involves the "Blacks Ops II" zombies' awareness that they are, in fact, waiting to get headshot in a video game. Plus, it features "American Ninja" star Michael Dudikoff looking very, very angry to be there (in the fictional setting, not actually angry about being in the short series), and it's always great to see 80's action heroes puncturing their images a little bit.

The six-episode series will make its debut sometime later this year.

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