Miyamoto Discusses 'Hyrule Historia' Highlights And Names His Favorite Famicom Games

"Hyrule Historia" is the definitive collection of thirty years worth of “The Legend of Zelda” history. Its 280 pages are packed to the brim with art, designs, factoids, and even a timeline for all of the games in this beloved series. So, with all of that information, who better to give us their take on some of the most intriguing pieces included in the book, than series creator Shigeru Miyamoto? At a recent interview we asked Mr. Miyamoto for his thoughts on the book, as well as what were favorite parts of "Hyrule Historia."

Mr. Miyamoto later mentioned that the watercolor artwork he was referencing from "The Legend of Zelda" was done by Yoichi Kotabe - a former Nintendo artist who was interviewed as part of the Iwata Asks series for “Flipnote Studio.” Mr. Kotabe is also known for creating some of Mario's most famous art work, and working on the Hayao Miyazaki animation "Heidi, Girl of the Alps." Oddly enough, this was also the first time that Mr. Miyamoto saw the English version of "Hyrule Historia," even though he said that he was involved in the editing phases of the original Japanese release.

While we had Mr. Miyamoto reminiscing about his favorite "Zelda" game, we also wanted to know if he had any other favorite Famicom games, and his responses may come as a surprise to some gamers. With the sizable libraries of both the Famicom and NES, his choices of "Baseball," "Golf," and "Mario Bros." may seem a bit outside of the box, but keep in mind, this is the man that played a fundamental role in each of those games. And, as it turns out, a couple of those games helped shape the consoles that we look back on so fondly today.


Check back next week for more from our interview with Mr. Miyamoto, where we discuss "Pikmin 3" and dive deep into the Year of Luigi.

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