‘To the Moon’ Developers Announce Story-Focused Prequel ‘A Bird Story’

By Joseph Leray


Do you remember Freebird Games’ “To the Moon”? You should: it’s a poignant, melancholy, narrative-driven independent adventure game wrapped in a package that’s more reminiscent to the 16-bit heyday of “Final Fantasy VI” than “Sam & Max Hit the Road.”

“To the Moon” was made by Kan Gao and a small team in RPGMaker, but its humble engine belies its emotional punch. It’s on Steam, too, so no excuses -- unless, of course, you’re on Mac or Linux. The game is about a set of doctors who can alter patient’s memories to rewrite their regrets, so as to make their passing as peaceful as possible.

Freebird’s new game is called “A Bird Story,” a prequel that follows the story of  “a boy and a bird with a broken wing.” The game is in development now and takes place in the same universe as “To the Moon”: the young boy will eventually be treated the memory doctors from the first game.

“Despite being story-based like most of my games, there are essentially no dialogues throughout,” Gao writes on his company’s website.

Gao is hesitant to try to match his new project to fan expectations, but “what I can promise is that I’ll always be making what truly means something to me — and hopefully, to you too.”

There’s no hard release yet date, but Freebird hopes to have the game out by the middle of the year. As a fan of “To the Moon,” I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on “A Bird Story.”

[Freebird Games via Polygon]

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