The Latest 'Deadpool' Trailer Is Mature But Not Like, You Know, Mature

We have to resolve ourselves to the fact that the Daniel Way-penned "Deadpool" game coming out of High Moon Studios will probably be kind of dumb. I don't mean it won't be fun (after their "Transformers" games, I suspect High Moon might know how to make an action adventure title). You'll just have to put up with the motormouthed, fourth wall-breaking "Deadpool" to actually enjoy "Deadpool."

The latest trailer shows off brief snippets of gameplay as well as some bloody cutscene action, adding it to the slim list of licensed comic games to receive the mig "M." Also on display: sometime X-Man and time-tossed savior Cable, who shared a comic with "Deadpool" a few years back at Marvel (it was actually quite good). That series saw alternating/intersecting stories featuring Cable and the Merc With the Mouth as the former tried to create a Utopia while the latter would act occasionally as his conscience (the whole thing inevitably went up in smoke).

Since then, Cable's been tossed through time, further infected with a techno-organic virus, and returned to prevent the killing of his time-tossed adopted daughter while Deadpool briefly had something like five books for a while there.

"Deadpool" will be available sometime later this year for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

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