Verbinksi Kinect Tittle 'Matter' Cancelled At Microsoft

It was supposed to be a motion-controlled game that would bring emotion to motionless players, but now Gore Verbinksi's Blind Wink Productions' "Matter" moves no more. Joystiq reports that the Kinect title, originally planned for a summer 2013 launch, has been given the axe by Microsoft, the latest in the well-known cycle of major filmmakers dabbling games (see also: Spielberg, del Toro).

"Matter" made its debut back at E3 2012, looking like a mix of "TRON" and "Marble Madness," allowing the player to control a shining orb through an ultra-modern environment.

Verbinski set up Blind Wink Productions back in the winter of 2011 with the plan of creating gaming and video content for Microsoft. Unfortunately, that hasn't panned out and you have to wonder how hands-on the "Pirates of the Caribbean" director could have really been with his attention directed towards this summer's "The Lone Ranger."

[Source: Joystiq]

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