Kickstarted: Physics-Based Dungeon-Action-Puzzle Conglomerate 'Delver’s Drop' Coming in October

By Joseph Leray


Another worthwhile-seeming game has wandered its way out of the backwaters and hinterlands of Kickstarter: Pixelscopic’s “Devler’s Drop” hit its $75,000 Kickstarter funding goal today, with six days to spare.

“Delver’s Drop” is a physics-enabled mashup of the best elements of top-down action, puzzle, and roguelike games. Anyone who’s played “Cardinal Quest” or “bit Dungeon” should be familiar with the basic concepts at play, here: some poor fantasy-styled adventurer gets shunted into a dungeon and must slash, stab, sneak, pickpocket, or incant his way out, depending on which “Dungeons and Dragons”-based class he is.

This is likely familiar territory for anyone with passing knowledge of dungeon-crawler games, but “Delver’s Drop”’s vibrant, fluid art and fast pace are enough to warrant a bit of attention. There’s a loot system in the game, likely responsible for producing any number of stat-altering items and gegaws, but “Delver’s Drop” hinges on its physics engine: the various magic spells, bombs, and crates you find scattered about all bounce, collide, and interact with each other.

Randomized items and dungeons and a soft-permadeath mechanic round out “Delver’s Drop.” For a more complete picture of the game, the “Delver’s Drop” Kickstarter page has a wealth of information on character classes, dungeon design, and why all these poor people keep getting thrown into mine shafts.

With a smooth $92,000 in the bag at the time of writing, the three-man team Pixelscopic can focus on the campaign’s stretch goals: namely, expediting a Linux port of the game and creating new character classes.

“Delver’s Drop” should be available come October on PC and Mac, for anyone who backs a minimum of $15. In the meantime, Pixelscopic will be at PAX East later this month to show off early versions of the game.

[Kickstarter via Eurogamer]

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