'Temple Run: Oz' Takes A Trip Down The Yellow Brick Road

Imangi Studios has once again teamed up with Disney for a "Temple Run" crossover. First it was "Brave" and now it's "Oz the Great and Powerful." Apparently there's a lot of running involved, but "Temple Run: Oz" sees it all go down on the yellow brick road.

Instead of filling the shoes of an adventurer on the run from demon apes, players will take on the role of Oz as he tries to outrun a band of flying baboons (aka demon apes). Building off the updates introduced in "Temple Run 2," "Temple Run: Oz" adds new features including changing environments and the ability to fly a hot air balloon. Players are also able to explore different areas of The Land of Oz by following sign posts.

Unlike "Temple Run 2," which is free, the Oz crossover will set you back $0.99. In an attempt to make up for asking for one of your dollars, Imangi and Disney are throwing in 1500 coins so players can purchase in-game power-ups right off the bat.

"Temple Run: Oz" is available now on iTunes and Google Play.

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