Let’s Get Weird: You Can Suplex a Minotaur in ‘Zeno Clash 2’

By Joseph Leray

Atlus was kind enough to release a gameplay trailer for Ace Team’s “Zeno Clash 2”: watch as siblings Ghat and Riamat punch, throttle, and bodyslam their way through Zenozoik.

The series has always been pegged as a first-person fighting game, but you can see that “Zeno Clash 2” includes weapons (of sorts) and special abilities: at one point, Ghat lashes two goons together with a green rope. Our E3 impressions from last summer were positive, noting that the game’s combat has been improved, and that “Zeno Clash 2” includes some RPG-like leveling systems.


Ace Team has also updated the game’s website, which will introduce the world’s major characters and bring you up to speed on the events of the original “Zeno Clash.” (Spoiler: it’s all nightmare fuel.) I’ll take any narrative foothold I can get, though: it seems like it’d be hard to keep one’s bearings in the surrealistic fever-dream that is Zenozoik.

“Zeno Clash 2,” published by Atlus, will be available early this year for Steam, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live Arcade.

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