Report: Sixth 'Resident Evil' Movie Dated By Sony

Surprising no one (the last movie pulled in north of $200 million worldwide), a Shock Till You Drop report is claiming that the release date for the sixth "Resident Evil" film has been set by Sony for 2014, wrapping up director Paul W. S. Anderson's second trilogy.

If true, we would see the next film in the series on September 12, 2014, allowing Anderson to figure out which combination of catsuits and monster setpieces he wants in the next and possibly final movie. Last year's "Resident Evil: Retribution" left the door open for a sprawling infected vs. humans conflict on the steps of the White House, but as ever with the series, it's all a matter of the weird way that Anderson will short circuit the big promise of the ending of the last movie and head into a completely different direction with the latest.

It's this most frustrating quality about the franchise (remember when Milla Jovovich's Alice had an infinite number of clones) that paradoxically makes these movies so fascinating to watch as they flit from one storyline to another with abandon.

The fun/silly/nonsensical/fun again franchise has been going for over ten years now, starting with 2002's "Resident Evil" amassing close to a billion in ticket sales. While the next movie could open the door for further sequels, Anderson told us last year that series star and his wife Milla Jovovich will only continue the grueling shoots for as long as they're fun.

[Source: Shock Till You Drop]

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