Xbox 360 Gets Its First Exclusive Movie Debut, 'Pulp'


Typically, exclusive movie rights are left to premium cable channels and the like, but Xbox 360 is continuing the push for more non-gaming entertainment options with their first exclusive film, "Pulp," a British indie comedy launching today on the console.

Citing the increasing costs of marketing a lesser-known film, creator Adam Hamby told the BBC that a different approach needed to be taken in order to get his film in front of an audience. Considering the millions of Xbox consoles out in the wild, he may be on the right track.

Microsoft seems to be doing a lot to bring more non-gaming content to their console. Not only do they seem to have some big plans for TV on the Xbox platform, they say that "Pulp" isn't the only the film that will debut exclusively through Xbox Live.

"Pulp" follows the story of a comic book writer who is unwillingly forced to help the police take down a group of criminals laundering money through another comic book company.

[via The Verge]

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