CCP Games Looking to Make ‘Dust 514’ A Smooth Transition to PlayStation4

By Joseph Leray


“Dust 514” is the upcoming free-to-play shooter from Iceland-based CCP Games. The game takes advantage of the PlayStation 3’s free online multiplayer functionality to tie into CCP’ long-running space-freight MMO “EVE Online.” The basic frame is that on-the-ground “Dust 514” will fight for control of certain planets or sectors, clearing the way for “EVE”’s Byzantine, player-controlled corporations to mine the natural resources and set up shipping lanes.

It’s a super-interesting idea, but there’s a hitch: “Dust 514” isn’t out yet, with no release date announced, and the PlayStation4 will probably be out this fall.

“Like ‘EVE’, we believe ‘Dust’ is going to be a long-term service that will vastly outlive the hardware that it launches on,” CCP chief marketing officer David Reid told Eurogamer. “Much like ‘EVE’ has vastly surpassed the graphics cards and processors of the PCs it launched on in 2003.”

CCP CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson followed up to explain that “ there's a lot of interesting new ways to breach content across the platforms."

"The interplay between all these different PlayStation 3s and 4s ... There are so many opportunities there. But the important thing is not to get lost with them.”

The “Dust 514” developers aren’t in a position to announce release dates or specific plans for Sony’s new console, but the team have put a lot of work into giving the PS3 version a long tail: “PlayStation 3 I think is going to stay even more relevant than in previous cycles," Pétursson says.

“Dust 514” is currently in open beta, and Reid told Eurogamer that “millions” of players had already participated, giving the ambitious project “a good trajectory.” The final game will be free-to-play when it launches later this year, foregoing a monthly subscription for micro-transactions for cosmetic items.

Be sure to check Eurogamer’s full interview, which broaches the possibility of “EVE” tie-ins on other platforms and details how the evolution of “EVE Online” paved the way for long-lasting support of “Dust 514.”


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