'Tomb Raider' Movie Reboot Set Along Side New Game


Today, players get to dive into Crystal Daynamics' "Tomb Raider" prequel but even more news surfaces about the rumored silver screen reboot.

Following in the steps of many rebooted franchises, the Lara's next movie adaptation is focusing on a grittier more realistic version of the first lady of exploration. Tentatively title "Tomb Raider," the movie will move along with the video game counterpart, focusing on a younger, up and coming adventurer.

Talking to Variety, studio head of Crystal Dynamics, Darrell Gallagher, says talks about how the new game will affect the movie.

“It was important for both of us to have a cohesive version of the franchise,” Gallagher said. “We didn’t want to see a film version that was a continuation of the old ‘Tomb Raider’ films.”

Additionally, Noah Hughes, creative director at Crystal Dynamics chimes in about cementing Lara's character for the series.

“Looking at Lara as a character, she was still going to be an intellectual heroine, a brilliant archeologist, but more athletic, more competent in traversal and puzzle-solving and combat,” he [Hughes] said.

Of course this is just budding info about the movie and as of yet no big name stars have been attached. Movie Lara was more or less perfectly embodied by Angelina Jolie and she'll be tough act to follow. It's worth noting that Camilla Luddington is doing all the vocal work on the game's side; so in that respect it may make sense for continuity's sake. How this will ultimately pan out is up in the air, but if anything serves as a good sign of things to come is that "Tomb Raider" seems to be moving in the right direction on the game front.

[Via Variety, Comicbookmovie.com]

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