Holy Crap, Is The 'Mass Effect: Citadel' DLC Just 'Die Hard' In Space?

...Because I would be into that.

Bioware says goodbye to "Mass Effect 3" with this trailer for tomorrow's Citadel DLC.

The whole gang's back together again for Citadel, which sees the Normandy crew's shore leave disrupted by Space Hans Gruber and his team of killers. The DLC reunites Shepard with some of his "Mass Effect 2" crewmates like Zaeed and Wrex and apparently features a shot where they're all blasting away at the bad guys over a railing.

Seriously, this looks like the hardest thing from the kind of tonally flat "Mass Effect 3" (I'm having trouble remembering anything besides that final corridor and that stupid dream with the kid), bringing back some of the pulpy, gritty elements of "Mass Effect 2."

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