Every Day Is A Weird Adventure In This 'Aperture R&D' Web Series Trailer

A group of hapless scientists vie for "Lab Team of the Month" in this "Portal 2"-inspired web series from Wayside Creations.

I'll cease my usual grumbling about fan films and videos inspired by games (it's a dead horse, I'll stop beating it now), and say that this trailer has a clever setup for the upcoming web series, "Aperture R&D," which takes place in the pre-everyone-is-dead setting of "Portal 2." They're calling it "'The Office' meets 'Portal 2'" which is a solid concept as any. But mostly because I like super science being put to the cause of violent physical comedy.

It's from Wayside Creations, the team behind "Fallout: Nuka Break," who are cranking away at the second season of that "Fallout 3"-inspired web series.

New episodes of "Aperture R&D" will begin airing Friday, March 15th on Machinima.


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