The Thunder King Comes Rumbling Into 'Pandaria'

The Tyrant Lei Shen will be unleashed upon "The Mists of Pandaria" in the upcoming 5.2 update. And this new trailer from Blizzard tells you exactly why that's not such a great thing.

The new patch will bring more pets, armor, and challenges to the "WoW" expansion along with the beginning of PvP season 13. It's also got new baddies to face like the mighty dragon Nalak, The Storm Lord if you're willing to go face-to-face with something with "The Storm Lord" as its last name.

The 5.2 update is still under development.

Here's the full thrilling verse from the trailer, by the way:

By Lorewalker Cho

Pandaria, her hills of gold

In dark and mournful times of old

Did once a hopeless horror hold

When from her sacred veil did spring

With storm and flash, a monstrous thing

His name Lei-Shen, the Thunder King

His thunder boomed across the land

And none who dared and fought could stand

Against the iron tyrant's hand

A palace grand, a walled domain

Such mighty works born of his reign

Built by slaves, their hearts in chains

But seasons change and tyrants die

His fury spent in times gone by

The thunder slept beneath Kun Lai

By Zandalari hands he has been taken

By Zandalari voice he has awakened

Gather heroes, sound the drums

The Thunder King comes

The Thunder King comes


[Source: Game Informer]

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