'Atomic Robo: Violent Science' Coming To iOS In March

It may not be his first appearance on iOS devices, but Atomic Robo is going mobile in a whole new way this March. "Atomic Robo Violent Science," based on the comic book series by Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener, will be the character's first foray into the world of video games.

Developed by Second Fiction, "Atomic Robo: Violent Science" sees players take on the role of Robo as they use "Use SCIENCE over braun" on a mission to stop the evil Nazi superscientist Helsingard. The story is loosely based on the upcoming "Atomic Robo: Last Stop" animated short produced by theFictory.

Players will be able to upgrade Robo's "piece" as they progress, and special abilities will be provided by Robo's team of Action Scientists. For instance, Jenkins will provide you with a well placed science-rifle sniper shot that slows down baddies, while Lang can initiate a magnetic pulse within Robo’s chest cavity to attract power-ups. Ada will give Robo additional line of sight temporarily.

"Atomic Robo: Violent Science" will be available for iOS devices in March. Android, Mac, Windows 8 Phone and PC versions are "coming soon."

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