Just Roll With It In This 'Mars: War Logs' Combat Trailer

Roy, the hero of the third-person action RPG from developer Spiders and Focus Home Interactive, ducks and rolls around Mars in this combat trailer for "Mars: War Logs."

French developer Spiders (who also worked on the ambitious but clunky "Of Orcs and Men" with Cyanide Studio) developed "Mars: War Logs" using their Silk Engine, and it's a good-looking game based on this video and the screens that have been released so far. The character detail is nice, particularly the run-down but elaborate future tech of the Martian colony.

As for the combat, while it's not easy to tell based on video alone, the evasion-heavy rolling and dodging could be kind of interesting if Spiders was able to find some nuance beyond "press bumper to get out of the way."

The downloadable title will be available via PSN, XBLA, and on the PC sometime this year.

From the official synopsis:

Over a century after the catastrophe that shook Mars and threw its colonists into chaos, power is now shared between the different companies distributing the arid planet's most precious asset: water. The conservative and somewhat archaic Abundance thus struggles to maintain its influence in the face of Aurora, a young guild whose power stems from their plethora of Technomancers, people capable of focusing their energy in Terran artefacts to create devastating “magical” effects.

Our story begins in the middle of these struggles, when a young prisoner of Abundance meets Roy, a cynical an unwavering man, and decides to keep a war diary...


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