Got $100? IDW’s Dropping Massive ‘Transformers: Fall of Cybertron’ Art Book In April

I’m not gonna lie: I covet this oversized hardcover from publisher IDW, but I wouldn’t even know when I’d have time to pore through it. Still, that doesn’t make me wish that I could get my hands on one of the 250 copies of “Transformers: The Art of the Fall of Cybertron,” based on last summer’s game from High Moon Studios and publisher Activision.

“The Art of the Fall of Cybertron” is being released as part of IDW’s Red Label line of limited-run, premium books, high-end reprints and hardcovers priced north of $100 (this is one of the cheaper ones, considering its availability). I have one of their reprints of the Eastman/Laird “Ninja Turtles” from last year that’s absolutely a prize of my comics collection.

IDW, who currently hold the “Transformers” comics license, have teamed up with High Moon Studios to present concept art and process work for “Fall of Cybertron” in a chunky, slipcovered release.

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