Poke-fans: VIZ Announces Three New Pokemon Manga For 2013


The first title, "Pokemon the Movie: Kyurem vs. the Sword of Justice" is out next week with two titles to follow in the summer from the vikids line.

If "The Movie" in the title wasn't clear enough, "Kyurem vs. the Sword of Justice" is based on the 2012 feature which made its U.S. debut on Cartoon Network back in December. From the official synopsis for the March 5 manga:

Keldeo is determined to become a Sword of Justice, but to do so he must defeat Kyurem, one of the most powerful Dragon-type Pokémon in the world. Keldeo challenges Kyurem, unleashing a destructive force even Ash and Pikachu may be powerless to stop!

Trainers Black, White, Gold, and Silver get their own spotlight stories in "Pokemon Adventures: Black & White Manga vol. 1" (July 2), and "Pokemon Adventures: Heartgold and Soulsilver Manga vol. 1" August 6, the first book introducing its pair of trainers while the second is more a of a continuing adventures kind of thing as Gold and Silver confront their enemy Lance and the mischief of Team Rocket.

"Black & White Manga vol. 1"

Meet Pokémon Trainers Black and White in this new full-size graphic novel edition of the popular series previously published in a special edition format. His entire life, Black has dreamed of winning the Pokémon League! Now he embarks on a journey to explore the Unova region and fill a Pokédex for Professor Juniper. White has an exciting career as the Trainer of a talented troupe of performing Pokémon. She dreams of making her Tepig Gigi a star! Together, Black and White continue on their journey... What surprising new Pokémon – and people – will they meet next?!

"Heartgold and Soulsilver vol. 1"

Your favorite Pokémon Trainers Gold and Silver are back! Crystal too! And so is Team Rocket... In this two-volume thriller, troublemaker Gold and feisty Silver must team up again to find their old enemy Lance and the Legendary Pokémon Arceus. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is on the rampage: digging up, stealing, and collecting 16 mysterious plates for some nefarious purpose known only to them... What is the hidden power of the 16 plates, and what do they symbolize...?

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