Conan O'brien: 'It Should Be LAURA Croft!'

"Yeah, that's my instinct when trapped in a confined space: to light everything on fire."

Conan O'Brien snarks his way through the early chapters of "Tomb Raider" and he's pretty convinced Lara is trying to hold in a big Mexican lunch in his latest "Clueless Gamer" video.

So here's a weird thing: "Tomb Raider" is supposed to serve as Crystal Dynamics' reintroduction of Lara Craft without all of the hypersexualized baggage of her PSOne incarnation, but all host Conan O'Brien can do is crack on the (admittedly unintentional) T&A aspects of his hands-on time with the action adventure game. O'Brien's just doing a whole lecherous goon schtick but it brings to mind the uncomfortable early positioning of "Tomb Raider" as a game where players have to protect a "weak" Lara from sexual assault.

The M-rated title sees Croft taking her knocks in a low-cut top following her ship's crashing on an island occupied by pirates.


"Tomb Raider" will be available on the PS3, PC, and Xbox 360 on March 5.

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