Spacewar!: 'Mass Effect 3: Reckoning' Trailer Shows Off New Multiplayer Characters and Weapons

By Joseph Leray

BioWare has released a trailer for “Mass Effect 3: Reckoning,” the team’s final piece of free multiplayer content. In a livestream playthrough of the DLC, BioWare also detailed the updated characters, weapons, and gear being added.

The trailer shows off some of the new characters -- a Geth Juggernaut, a (female) Turian Vanguard, the EDI-like Alliance Infiltration Unit, a Krogan Warlord, and a Talon Engineer -- facing off against a group of Reaper Brutes and Banshees.

New weapons include the Geth Spitfire (a portable Gatling Gun), the Venom Shotgun, and the Bloodpack Executioner Pistol. Among the new gadgets and equipment on offer, you can expect to find amplifiers for sub-machine guns and pistols, ultralight materials for shotguns and assault rifles, and the Batarian Gauntlet, which replaces any heavy melee attack with the Batarian’s signature punch.


“Reckoning,” available today on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, is the last planned content pack, capping off a set of five meaty and thorough post-launch updates that have kept “Mass Effect 3”’s multiplayer mode feeling fresh almost a year after launch. Your opinions on the game’s “Extended Cut” or DLC in general notwithstanding, it’s hard to argue that Electronic Arts and BioWare haven’t done a fantastic job supporting the studio’s flagship title.

For my part, I might be tempted to dip my toe back into the fight against the Reapers this weekend.


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