‘Dreamfall Chapters’ Rakes in a Milli, Releases New Footage of Europolis

By Joseph Leray

Red Thread Games has revealed more of the world of “Dreamfall Chapters,” the third game in the cult classic series that includes “The Longest Journey” and “Dreamfall”: to celebrate surpassing the $1 million mark in the game’s Kickstarter campaign, fans and backers were treated to a look at Europolis.

Europolis is “a vast European city-state covering the former independent nations of Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Belgium and the Netherlands,” the Norwegian developer writes. “Its blackened, concrete tendrils reach as far north as the Baltic States, and as far south as Paris. Europolis is not just the dark heart of Europe; it is the filthy bowels and bloodied entrails of Europe.”


For a little more context, it helps to know that the universe of “Dreamfall Chapters” is split into two worlds. Arcadia is the game’s traditional fantasy world, full of magic and nature. Red Thread’s first gameplay prototype took place there, in the Riverwood. In contrast, Europolis is in the world of Stark, the game’s futuristic cyberpunk world. “All the footage you are about to see is realtime, in-game footage, running in our prototype and using the Unity engine,” according to Red Thread.

In other “Dreamfall Chapters” news, the game rocketed past its initial $850,000 goals and is now focusing on stretch goals, which include new characters and storylines. At the time of writing, Red Thread needs another $8,000 to include the House of the All Worlds to the new game, which was a crucial locale for the first game.

With funding secured, Red Thread Games expects to be able to release “Dreamfall Chapters” in 2014.

[Kickstarter via Joystiq]

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