Dishonored’ DLC Detailed by Rogue PS3 Trophies for ‘The Other Side of the Coin’

By Joseph Leray


As is so often the case, a PlayStation 3 title update for Arkane Studios’ “Dishonored” has shed light on trophies for the game’s as-yet-unannounced downloadable campaign add-on, “The Other Side of the Coin.”

“Dishonored”’s previous DLC, “Dunwall City Trials,” was a set of challenge maps, but “The Other Side of the Coin” tasks would-be assassins with investigating one Ms. Copperspoon from the Rothwild Slaughterhouse to Ms. Thalia Timish’s estate.

Those familiar with the misadventures of Corvus Attano won’t be shocked to see that “The Other Side of the Coin” rewards players for completing the storyline without killing or alerting anyone, but also for being a somewhat more creative death-dealer: coupling an arc mine and a rat will unlock the “Rats and Ashes” trophy, for example.

There’s no release date for “The Other Side of the Coin,” but rest assured we’ll be hearing something official soon enough.

In other, not-so-recent “Dishonored” news: Bethesda boss Pete Hines plans on turning the game into a larger series, which is good news: our own review called “Dishonored” the “first in a long line of innovative titles that let the player play how they want to, and have it change the outcome of the game.”

[PS3Trophies via Eurogamer]

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