CyberConnect2's Enters The Endless Stream Of Endless Runners With 'Shadow Escaper' On iOS

In the trailer for "Shadow Escaper," its supernatural heroine says that she's on the run from gods. Developer CyberConnect2 is responsible for "Asura's Wrath," which was packed with gods and demigods. Ergo, CyberConnect2 should have made "Shadow Escaper" an "Asura's Wrath" endless runner (don't fuss around with my logic here too much--it's nearly nonexistent).

What the studio has made instead is a game in the "Jetpack Joyride" mold of free-to-play endless runners, with their 3D title using an over-the-shoulder view instead of the traditional 2D perspective.

The game puts you in the boots of Lili, a "nightling" making her escape from the gods who can't use her powers during the day, hence the running. But at night, she's able to fight back, which could presumably bring a welcome shift into the action (the "endless" part of endless runners makes them endurance challenges against monotony after a while). It's CyberConnect2's first smartphone title, and it looks like they're playing it safe this time out with a proven model (you can buy coin packs for upgrades and such in-game).


"Shadow Escaper" is available now on iOS with a version for Android devices in the works.

[Source: Siliconera]

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