Death Eaters: Meet the Necrophagous Beasts of “Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen”

By Joseph Leray

Earlier today I pointed out that “Deep Down,” the working title for Capcom’s new Panta Rhei-driven PlayStation 4 game, seemed conceptually similar to “Dragon’s Dogma,” last year’s take on high fantasy sword and sorcery dragon-fighting from the Japanese publisher.

Perhaps hoping to ride that “Dungeons & Dragons”-inspired wave all the way to the bank, Capcom have released a new trailer for “Dark Arisen,” the hefty expansion pack to “Dragon’s Dogma” coming out in April.

The game’s previous trailer introduced Bitterblack Isle’s local fauna -- including a man-eating nematode -- and this one does the same. The new dungeons proffered by “Dark Arisen” house necrophagous beasts, apparently: abnormally large variants of monsters attracted to rotten flesh.

Here’s the kicker: necrophagous creatures can appear out of thin air and -- according the the trailer -- will attack at the end of a battle. I’m not sure how often these necrophagous baddies will spawn, but I can already envisioning fending off a particularly tough encounter only to have a rabid cockatrice appear out of thin air to slaughter my party. I suppose it depends on how sadistic Capcom wants to be.

As previously reported, the “Dark Arisen” expansion includes the main “Dragon’s Dogma” campaign as well as new dungeons, new gear, and new skills. At the $39.99 price point, “Dark Arisen” is effectively a reduced-price re-release.

I kind of have a thing for high-fantasy dungeon trawling, and “Dragon’s Dogma” sold better than anyone expected, so I’ll keeping one eye toward “Dark Arisen”’s April 23 release date on Xbox 360 and PS3.

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