Jonathan Blow Debuts His New Game ‘The Witness’ On The PS4

When he took the stage, “Braid” developer Jonathan Blow wondered out loud how his trailer for “The Witness” could stand up next to the hour or more of explosions and big action that preceded it. In fact, the open-world puzzle game, coming the the PS4 during its launch window, was maybe just the right counterpoint to the racing games, shooters, and whatever it is that Media Molecule is working on for Sony’s next console.

Blow explained onstage that “The Witness,” while set in an open world, wasn’t about its expansiveness–instead, it was important to him and his team that every step and encounter that the player took would have meaning. Within 20 seconds of walking in any direction, he promises, the player will encounter something of import in the deliberately-constructed island where “The Witness” takes place.

“The Witness” is coming to the PC, iOS, and the PS4, with the promise of more platforms down the line.

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