Kojima Cuts A 7-Minute, Spoilery Trailer For 'Revengeance,' Praises Collaboration With Platinum Games

Speaking with Famitsu (via Polygon), the "Metal Gear" game director Hideo Kojima found his hope in the survival of "Metal gear Rising Revengeance" renewed when development chores were taken over by Platinum Games.

"When I first asked Platinum Games for help, it was a pretty forced request, in that I felt if I couldn't get them to take it then the project would be canceled," he told the publication in a recent piece on the eve of the game's launch.

Kojima's talked about it a bit in the past, but "Revengeance" almost got the axe during its initial development at Kojima Productions, with the title almost being a dig at its initially troubled development, with "Rising" referring to the ascent of lead character Raiden.

Platinum Game was responsible for the gameplay, while Kojima Productions maintained control over the game's narrative elements, a split that allowed the "Metal Gear" studio to have some authorship of the final vision of the game. It feels like a hyperactive sibling of the main series with the kind of anime-huge action we've come to expect from Platinum who also handled the tech side of things. Kojima explains that the project probably wouldn't have existed without the collaboration between the two teams: "'MGR' wouldn't have been born if it were us alone, and I don't think Platinum could have made it by themselves, either. In that way, the word 'collaboration' doesn't seem like enough. My impression is that it really was a new style of development. Now we just have to start selling this project, and that's our role."


Kojima Productions is currently at work on "Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes."

By the way, Kojima cut this final launch trailer for "Metal Gear Rising Revengeance" that you might not want to watch should you wish to avoid spoilers about some of the early goings on in the game as well as specifics about the boss encounters.

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