Based On This Video, Obsidian’s ‘Alien’ RPG Seemed Like An Odd Fit For Source Material

Eurogamer pointed to this dark footage of what looked like a pretty far along RPG from “Fallout: New Vegas” developer Obsidian.

We’ll never really know why SEGA canned Obsidian’s RPG based on the “Alien” franchise, but we can at least see what it looked like.

Featuring dialog choices, hacking, exploration, and of course, shooting, it’s almost like Obsidian dropped a bunch of Xenos into the “Mass Effect” universe. It’s not really clear what tone the developer was going for with the RPG, which has dashes of wry humor from its fully-voiced characters peppered throughout all of the humping it through dark, dank corridors, but it’s more inline with “Alien: Resurrection” than the first two films in the series.

One interesting note (to me, at least): based on their uniforms, all of the characters appear to be civilians or corporate employees as opposed to military. That alone might have made it a unique take on the franchise for gamers, who’ve had their fair share of tough-talking space Marines inspired by “Aliens” over the years.

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