'Katamari' Creator Keita Takahashi’s New Multiplayer Game Will Be Available At GDC

By Joseph Leray


Keita Takahashi is the man behind “Katamari Damacy” and, more recently, “Noby Noby Boy.” After that, he went on to design playgrounds in England, and eventually came to work on TinySpeck’s new defunct MMO, “Glitch.”

His newest game will debut this year at the Game Developer’s Conference, during a multiplayer indie gaming event known as the Wild Rumpus. Details are scarce, but Venus Patrol -- a Kickstarted indie gaming blog run by IGF chairman Brandon Boyer -- is reporting that Takahashi’s new project is a multiplayer game designed in conjunction with the site and Wild Rumpus.

The above concept art is, so far, the only hint of what the game will include.

“Noby Noby Boy” was a collaborative online toybox about stretching a tubeworm through the solar system, and “Glitch” was an MMO -- given Takahashi’s past work, it’s no surprise that he’d continue to explore multiplayer games. For its part, the Wild Rumpus specializes in physically active multiplayer games, so expect this new project to include some sort of mechanics or interactions that go beyond traditional multiplayer modes.

GDC will take place the week of March 25 this year, and the Wild Rumpus will be held on March 27. Expect to hear more details about the mysterious project then.

[Venus Patrol]

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